The secret wish list by Preeti Shenoy

Author    : Preeti Shenoy Pages       : 270 Rating      :  3.5/5 Audience : 12+ What made me choose this one (from the never ending list of books)? "Does true love really exist or is it just a cliche? Can a single kiss really change your life?" This phrase did. The book revolves around Diksha, … Continue reading The secret wish list by Preeti Shenoy


Shark Tales, Barbara Corcoran

Found a book that made you stick to it till the end? NO, this is the one. YES, this is another one! At least it was for me, I stuck to it like a glue, literally. Author    : Barbara Corcoran With        :  Bruce Littlefield Pages       : 320 pages Rating      : 4/5 (great read!) Audience … Continue reading Shark Tales, Barbara Corcoran