The secret wish list by Preeti Shenoy

Author    : Preeti Shenoy

Pages       : 270

Rating      :  3.5/5

Audience : 12+

What made me choose this one (from the never ending list of books)?

“Does true love really exist or is it just a cliche? Can a single kiss really change your life?”

This phrase did.

The book revolves around Diksha, a girl from a conservative Indian family. When her relation with her boyfriend is exposed, Diksha is forced to leave behind her current life and start fresh.  Soon after, she is married to a complete stranger. Even after years of marriage, she still aches for her first love.

A visit by Diksha’s cousins makes her rethink about her life. An unfortunate event brings the sisters together, and during this time, leads to formation of Diksha’s secret wish list.

Later Diksha knowingly and unknowingly strikes out her wishes. While doing so, she gets an opportunity to reconnect with her first love.

Some context:

A wonderful short read. Moves slow at the beginning but you may find yourself enjoying it later. To be frank enough, this book was the inspiration behind my wish list. Give it a try, might be an inspiration yours as well!

Do you already have one? Yes! tell me about it!

NO. What are you waiting for? Go ahead make one, and I would love to hear about it.

Already read? What do feel about it?

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