It’s Time.

In about 4/5 months, I will be a college Graduate!! Yay.

Then comes the Masters, a continuance. It was high time I finalized the Country and the Course I would be pursuing.

After spending hours online, along with consulting a number of counsellors, exploring number of prospects, and after hours of brain storming, finally selected Australia, Melbourne.  Yes!  I am heading out to Australia!! (P.S. Anyone from Melbourne? Might need your help J)

Okay, so the first phase was successfully completed, now was the toughest part: Selecting the course. At first I thought it was a piece of cake, and then the reality hit me hard, I mean really hard!!

It was an ocean of opportunities out there!!

Gosh, there were number of prospects available and it was exhausting to even look at them all!! (I guess everyone who is trying for masters or already has might have experienced the same. Have you?)

To narrow down the choices, I decided look for a course in Computer science and Information Technology but the ones which have minimum coding. (Yes you got me right, I am BE Computers but still I beyond doubt detest coding, it is exhausting).

Taking my requirements into consideration, I was suggested, courses like Master of Information System(MIS), Masters of Business Analysis, Masters of Information Technology Management and Masters of Data Science.

After doing some self-study about the suggested courses I found MIS and Masters of business Analysis to be compatible ones for me and actually interesting. I think Masters of Data Science to be interesting but have no knowledge about it as in the future prospects and exact usage. So, I decided to go ahead with MIS or Masters of business Analysis. But now am in a dilemma, which one to go ahead with? Both seem interesting.

P.S. Anyone doing the same course? Have any knowledge about these? Let me know.




30 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Best of luck to you. Australia? Awesome!
    My advice is take your time to decide. Look into courses required for both while you get a better understanding of what each entails. And remember you aren’t locked into your major. You can always change your mind.

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  2. I can relate to ur dilemma.. I been toiling hard to decide on my course as well and till now I have only selected the country that’s Canada to pursue my masters. Anyhow I am from commerce background so can’t really help you 🍻🍻

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  3. Australia! Very nice — my guest blogger in from there. Finance is his profession so not sure if you’ll find it helpful. (Let me know if you do and I’ll make the connection)

    This is the future: being able to collect and analyze very large data sets and predict behavior. For example: if a major shoe store wants to know who might be most likely to buy shoes in the next few months, it will reach out to health oriented web sites to ask which of their readers run everyday but have not bought a new pair of sneakers in a week? Then site can run a correlation so that these people also tend to eat in more, buy organic groceries, have college degrees, live in cities, etc. Then said shoe company can run a targeted email advertising campaign on people with those characteristics on the web site’s database, on their own database, and on data that they buy from a 3rd party.

    Companies that can do this analysis and own the data are very, very valuable. They are trading at a higher price than almost any other company, with the exception of Saas companies. People who can do this analysis are very, very, very valuable.

    If this sounds interesting to you, think about which choices (or even the data scientist choice) give you entry into this field. Best of luck!

    Also, and unrelated, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award and would love to hear your answers!


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    1. Thank you so much. This is great information. Helpful actually. I cannot thank you enough.
      Sure it would be great to know someone out there.
      Sunshije blogger award thank you for nomination. Just give me a week i will work on it.


  4. Well, I’m just gonna go in the 10 standard just in a one week time. So, I don’t actually know, what sort of dilemma you’d been in. Seems like, a serious dilemma, at least after reading the post. But, I too wanna be pursuing my carrier in the techno world, for sure. As far you’re concerned, simple greetings for the future: All the best.☺

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  5. I’m an information technology management major and I can tell you there’s always a business aide to it when it comes to I.T. like bill gates said you can’t have one without the other, you can become a systems administrator, network administrator or even database administrator or even an I.T. consultant assuring the acquisition of corporate venues

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