Cooking disaster !!

Ever experienced an urge where you want to eat something sweet, it may be absolutely anything??

Its like you really want something, and until you have it you feel restless?? (let’s just hope its not only me )

I did Try to avoid it as much as possible (trying to maintain my diet), but finally surrendering to my cravings, went out to have a cheese cake. If you had one you would know how utterly delicious it is. Every bite was a bliss.

While enjoying the master piece of the chef, I thought about making it my self. I mean why not??? If the chef can bake it to perfection even I could give it a try, right?

With this one goal in mind I set out to the other side of my town (we don’t get cream cheese where I live)which is a 50 mins drive, just to get all the ingredients needed.

Once and for all, they were in place I baked my base. According to the video tutorial, it was supposed to come out soft and well baked but in reality mine came out hard as a rock and was far away from well baked!!

Had to scrap it, as no human could possibly consume it. Baked a second one which surprisingly turned out to be better than before…. relief !

Now it was time to make the batter and pour it over the base. Here everything turned out good, the batter tasted great, the setting was done right and was ready to be baked. So that’s exactly what I did. Set the timer to 20 mins, temperature to 180 degrees, and pressed start.

But as soon as it started, our electricity cut off!! Imagine my distress…

I had no other choice than to wait…

An hour passed,

another one passed.

But it never returned.

It was high time I waited the batter had to be baked soon, as it already started thinning. So, I decided to bake it the traditional way :on stove.

While it was on the stove, getting ready to be eaten, I was day dreaming about how delicious it will be, and how satisfying the feeling will be.

A Ting from the oven brought me back to reality: i.e. I could finally check my handy work….

With a alot of excitement, I opened the oven and was expecting to see a fine product in all it’s majestic glory!

And you could guess….It was a total disaster !!

I expected to have a baked cheese cake but in reality, I baked a cheeses sponge cake!!

I really have no idea where I went wrong, even after following all the instructions.

It was A total cooking disaster!!!

Well not totally, the spong cake did taste good, quite similar like a baked cheese cake just not the proper texture.

I do plan on giving it another try (let’s hope this time it’s as expected.)
You ever had a cooking disaster? Let me know πŸ˜‰



72 thoughts on “Cooking disaster !!

  1. Hahaha nice experience. For starters like us, we learn doing things after experiencing multiple disasters. πŸ˜€ Good attempt and great patience. Better luck for next time. If the cake comes out well, do share the picture of the yummy cake 😚😍

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  2. Love this. I have cooking disasters all the time and find them frustratingly hilarious!! Also, I am the same with the sweet tooth urge that must be tamed or I think of nothing else and if it is an urge like for cheese cake, literally NOTHING else can be substituted!! πŸ™‚

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    1. I am soo glad it’s just not me with it 😊.
      And yes cooking disasters soo frustrating.
      But cannot help we have to tame the sweet tooth

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  3. Sounds like a bloody nightmare. Haha. I once co-made a cheesecake, but it wasn’t baked. Basically it was a crumbled digestive biscuit base soaked in butter then left in the fridge to set before using cream cheese and sugar (either caster sugar or icing sugar; I forget which) to create the topping and then put it in the fridge again. It tasted absolutely amazing! So simple to make too. Best of luck with your next culinary venture πŸ™‚

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      1. It really was. No baking involved at all. Probably best to hunt down the recipe first for measurements, etc, but it genuinely was as easy as I described. Let me know how you get on if you give it a try πŸ™‚

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    1. I guess soo that was the reason for it to go all wrong. Yes I’ll definately look for a diffrent one easier one.
      Melted cookies sounds yummy..
      But might have been frustrating for you.


  4. Thanks for ur response on my blog.. Good post.. Looking forward to ur new blogs.. And nups I haven’t had any such experience… I am more of eating than cooking guy haha cheers πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


      1. Mostly because everytime I try to cook it is a utter disaster!
        Even the regular dishes are never as good my mothers! Trust they never taste that good (pizza is an exception)

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  5. If I were to be frank, I have much worse. No, it wasn’t as complicated as baking a cake. But it was nor easy either.
    1. I tried making an omelette. It looked easy at first. But it really isn’t. I failed at breaking the eggs. That’s the first step. I had a messy floor, dress (no apron because I was kind of confident that I could definitely make it). Turns out, I had no idea of the quantity of the things that are to be added. But it turned out okay. After 4 eggs and so much work.
    2. Maggi. It is the easiest, isn’t it? I know. I have always trouble calculating the water. It is always too much or too less.
    That was when I realized that when I couldn’t make a proper Maggi, I should my drop my idea of competing in Masterchef.
    This is just the start. I have many more.

    Anyhow, coming to the post. Cake is difficult, very difficult. But you managed to make it. Kudos to you. And don’t give up. May be, I will see you competing with me in the next season of Masterchef. Could happen, you know. πŸ˜›

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      1. I guess there’s still time for that. I mean when the craving it’s you, you can’t help yourself,right?
        Do you want me to help you? Don’t blame me afterwards, ok? Fair warning.

        “Delicious Soft Cheese Cake”.
        “Delicious Soft and Sweet Cheese Cake”. 😜

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      1. I was going through the discover section and that is where i stumbled upon your blog. Your blogs name made me check it out as I am a player myself, that is where i fou d your article’s. Read them. Liked them, so commented. 😊

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