Bond Of Love – Raksha Bandhan

Today the day started with the song “Bhaiyya mere Rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana” playing on the radio and the R.J wishing a happy Raksha Bandhan to all, on the day of Rakhi Poornima. Have you heard of Rakhi Poornima before? If you live in India, then you definitely have;
But if not, then; it’s an Indian tradition where sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers which signifies a love bond between them (p.s. the Rakhis are tied not only to real brothers but Rakhi brothers can also be made).
This tradition is called by different names like Raksha Bandha, Rakhi Poornima, Nariyal Purnima etc. but is always on a full moon day. It day is celebrated all over India; just the way of celebrating may be different. But some things remain the same all over like the streets which are full of life, with a number of Rakhi stalls and females all dressed up, trying to select the perfect Rakhi for their brothers. Pooran-poli meal is prepared for lunch in almost every house, rangooli is drawn at the entrance to welcome the brothers. All this is a breath of fresh air form our regular lives.

The rules for celebrating it are pretty simple; first, you need to have a brother/sister, if you don’t then no problem, tie Rakhi to anyone and they instantly become your brother; or get the Rakhi tied by a girl and she’s your sister simple as that (easy way to get rid of the creepy people). Second, you should have gifts for your sister!

Every girl looks forward to this day!! But I guess the guys utterly detest it…


Because, we girls love gifts ❤ and receive a lot of them on this day. But, guys are the ones who gift them, so practically hole in their pockets!! We don’t really care how big the hole really is.

In Indian culture, this tradition also means that the girl is under the protection of her brother. Well, I don’t actually believe in it; I don’t need protection and I don’t think any other girl out there needs it either; In today’s time we are strong enough to protect ourselves;

But still we will keep celebrating this day, you know, just for the gifts!!!




41 thoughts on “Bond Of Love – Raksha Bandhan

      1. On Christmas Eve my kids and I light 3 candles placed on our Yule Log to symbolize honoring the past, treasuring the present, and opening the future. I’ll blog about it come December and make sure to include a photo.

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  1. That is a very interesting tradition that I have never heard about but it sounds like a cool connection is made between brothers and sister or between those we feel are like brothers and sisters to us.
    At the end I understand what you mean that girls are strong and don’t need protection but I also know that men feel a love and a natural need and want to protect the women close to us; wives/girlfriends, sisters, mothers, etc. This is not out of saying that they are not strong and capable of handling themselves but out of seeing them as precious and not wanting anything bad to come their way. It seems it also means that if a girl needs someones help that they can always rely and lean on their brother.

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    1. Wow I really loved your thought.
      Actually hearing this from a boys point of view I think it’s clear now!
      We girls never thought of it like a man’s urge to be able to protect.
      Interestig point.
      Thank you feels good knowing from a male perspective. 😊

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  2. That’s really interesting! Having never left Europe I’m always amazed at how rich tradition can be in other countries. Thank you for sharing this.
    Though, like you said, as interesting as it is to hear about, I think I would spend Raksha Bandhan locked in my room, wearing really long sleeves and a lot of bracelets. That way nobody could sneak one on me and expect a gift 😀

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    1. Exactly what one of my best friend does every year. No1 is going to tie him a rakhi but yet he keeps himself locked up the whole day. 😂
      It is my pleasure I could let you know about our traditions. Even I am great fan of world traditions so may be you could me one of yours?

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      1. Well, sure! This is the part where I try and pick one as rich and interesting as yours 😀

        I’ll have a think about this and post one on my blog with a reference to your post?

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  3. Thank you thank you for this post and your blog! So happy to have found it 🙂 I’m a little obsessed with India, and since I’m not currently allowed there, I look forward to being there through your posts! ❤

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  4. Learning about this tradition made me more than ever ache to be with my brother — he is in a hospital 2,000 miles away; diagnosis of the reason for the bleeding will be made in a scan tomorrow — and I wish I could have another tradition to bond with him like the one you describe — although it sounds as if the tradition has become commercialized, as is the fate of all holiday traditions in the U.S.


    1. Omg that’s soo sad.
      I can understand what you would be going through.
      Let’s hope evrything goes well with him. I’ll pray too. Please let me know how his health is as the time progresses.
      Yes you can say, it has commercialized to a great extent! As a few years back we use to make ourself from scratch now it’s a whole market, we even get gold Rakhi!!


    1. De rien, mon ami!
      Oui je suis Indianne,
      Mais ma langue quotidienne est Marathi, l’angalis j’apprendre depuis de années nombreuses.
      Et votre langue quotidienne est français?


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