Dig It UP!!

Have you ever experienced the urge to do something so desperately, that you feel utterly restless until it’s finally DONE?

Well, even I had one such vibe where I certainly wanted to paint. Surrendering to my uncontrollable urge I gathered all my essentials and once everything was in place, to my horror I just could not think of anything! Sat staring at the canvas clueless for about 30 min with a hope that some inspiration hits me.

After the never ending 30 minutes and consistent brain scratching, an idea finally Struck!! To make a Modern Art; I instantly started out and finally had a satisfying product after 6 hours which went by in a hightail.

There are many instances in our life which we really detest, but there are some we really love to an extent that they tend to stick with us forever. These in turn lead us to the path of discovering ourselves…

All you have to do is let yourself off the leash and dig deeper into yourself…

Have your own instance of knowing yourself? Let me know.

(p.s. let me know in the comment what you feel about my art and also if you experienced one such urge.)




**thanks: Kanchan


28 thoughts on “Dig It UP!!

      1. I’m working on a couple of children’s book that I keep asking my husband to illustrate for me. He says yes, but when he has time. I thought maybe I’d make some crafts with dough or icing, then take pictures. Unfortunately, my picture taking isn’t much better than my painting. (I’m so bad, they won’t let me paint my bedroom walls. 🙂

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  1. Very nice. I love the vibrant colors. You definitely have talent. It has great balance and an invigorating feel to it. Well done. I get like that with writing sometimes. I just wish it could be done in six hours too. 😉


    1. Thank you. Feels soo good to know 😊.
      6 hours might seem a long time yet I am very slow you may say, but the product what matters at the end . Doesn’t it? 😊

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      1. I can understand her feeling sometimes you just cannot get what you have in your head , down on the canvas !
        But all in all it’s such a good feeling.

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    1. Thank you soo much feels sooo good to know.
      Yes sure get at it as soon as you can and don’t forget to let me know!Do show some images of your work I will love to see it 😊

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