Engineer’s Tragedy

“Sue you are doing engineering, right?” He asks, a hint of curiosity in his voice. ” Yes I am,why?” I reply with a cloud of confusion howering over me because of his sudden interest in my field of education. Knowing him well, it seemes  to be headed in a dangerous direction.

“So, you can make an android application right? Being an engineer they might have taught you! So why don’t you make an Android application!!” he says with challange in his voice.

I did consider it for a minute thou; but deep down I knew I cannot make an Application that good,  even if I did manage to make one, it won’t be without a hell lot of trouble and effort. So in state of mental urgency to reject his challange and to save myself from the embaressment, I tried to tell him that we only learn the basics of Application development , and these are not really sufficient to make an Application.

(p.s:-  There might be everything in the syllabus but being an average student I really did not study everything, so I don’t really know..But I refrained from telling him that 😂)

“There are soo many Application developers out there for whom making an application is a piece of cake! So why should I go through the trouble of learning it when I can just go buy one!” I added just to butter up things a bit.

“Hahaha! Then what is the use of you doing engineering if you cannot even make an Application, and anyway engineers cannot do anything they are just for the name sake!!” he added.

His words Really offended me( with a capital R!)

I mean really, people get a life!!! We are engineers and definately NOT jacks of all!

Okay wait; Just try to recall how many time an engineer has been told to repair a household item, or some printer that is not working ? (If you are an engineer how many times have you been told?)

Even after trying their best to fix it, by any chance if they are unable to solve the problem they surely get to hear this:

“What’s the use of you being an engineer! You can’t even do such a small thing!”

Well this is the tragedy of every Engginers Life.

But in my case, it’s no household work,or even a stupid printer! It is actually something that an engineering can really do!

So, with all due respect to all the engineers, I decided to accept his challange to make a proffessional Application in 3 months starting today!

There at that momemt I arrogantly went on to take up the challenge, but now I am not sure if I can do it? Plus I am shit scared as I don’t even  know the A of Android Development .

But I am going to try, because a person who can complete 200 pages of an assignment in one night and also study 6 units in a day prior to final examination- managing a first class; accroding to me can literally do ANYTHING!

But, I will need your help to keep me motivated. Being a lazy person I tend to postpone things alot and never really get around doing them …

So, let me know below if you have any tips and tricks to help me be motivated!
O wait, I forgot to tell you one small thing, “I decided to do it All My Way.. with self learning!!!”

“Do you think it is possible???”

“Let me know how I should go about beginning it…”

(in the comments..)


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(Copied shamelessly from Gossip girl)



54 thoughts on “Engineer’s Tragedy

  1. Haha.. I still have the opinion that engineers are useless.. But a person motivated enough to make it happen will really learn something out of those 4 year. And this is definitely the right way. To keep you motivated, I’ll take up a challenge of my own it needs 3 months.. So let’s see 😀


  2. I learned how to build an Android application last year! Use the MIT app inventor. It’s got all you need to build a basic Android app, and my even middle schoolers can do it! There are lots of tutorials if you need them. Good luck!

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  3. I SO FEEL YOU! I am an engineer too and I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard such things being said to me, in fact even before studying it, telling me that I would not make it. Well first I did and yes I believe as engineers going through that much to study, complete assignments within deadlines is an amazing work. I have written so many posts about motivation, so you can check my blog if you want 🙂 Hope to hear you soon with the progress news. 🙂


    1. Thank you. Feels good to know some1 is on the same page with me 😊.
      Yes will definately have a look.
      Be connected as I make progress I will keep you updated.

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  4. Hahaha…. I feel your plight as a fellow engineer! But as an engineer, I too never give up. There is no problem that cannot be solved, especially by an engineer! I’m from an ExTc background, so can’t help out much with android app development. But I applaud your determination and best wishes to you. May your app be a good one! 😉👍👍

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    1. Thank you, it really means alot to me helps me keep going when I hear fellow mates . ☺
      And yes only an engineer can understand other engineers distress!
      I have great respect for you you completed ENTC one of the toughest branch ! Congratulations. .
      As soon as the application is out I will ping you. 😉😀

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  5. My husband is an electrical engineer. He build his own circuit boards and writes programs to run them. It’s garble to me. But you wouldn’t believe how many times someone has asked him to fix their computers. (Or maybe you would) I hear where you’re coming from.
    I started my own challenge last month. I’ve vowed to lose35 pounds in the next three months. Maybe we all need a challenge once in a while. I know you can do it. You don’t need luck, just faith in you. Keep us all posted.


    1. Wow great circuit board. He must be a extremely talented guy! Congratulations to him.
      Thank you for you motivation, words from the fellow mates are what keeps us motivated.
      All the best on your challange and keep us posted 😉


  6. 😂 Your posts are so relatable. This quote I have listened a lot of time that “If having half knowledge is dangerous, then engineers are .” (Sorry, unable to recall it properly) There are numerous jokes everyday made on engineering but I think you should take it lightly. 🙂

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  7. “because a person who can complete 200 pages of an assignment in one night and also study 6 units in a day prior to final examination- managing a first class; accroding to me can literally do ANYTHING! ” LOL, Love it!


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