Knock Knock Whose there…???

“I Love it, I will definitely Do It!”

How many times have we said this, about something we really liked? I guess more times than we can remember.

BUT do we actually do what we think? Or it remains just a thought, which we thought we would do, we kept thinking , and it remained a thought. Right?

Yeah right even I was the same fish in the pond.

Well, Until now! And guess what I thought of doing all along?

Yes your right! I wanted to write; write to you and for you!  So, I finally buckled up my seat belt and started my ride. (Do join me through it.)

Have you started your’s Yet?

If not, then what are you waiting for? Just Do It My Way…Get off You’re A** and go chase your dreams!!  It’s never too late you know (until of course your late for lectures, then you would know:-p)…

And if Yes, then Congratulation, Great job!

In either case let me know in the comments below


You may have thought “who am I?”

I am a Human!

Okay, I get it, that was bad. I will get to the point…

I am a writer, a reader, a thinker and a dreamer (more of a day dreamer:-p). Sounds familiar?

Yes; I am one of you plus an Engineer and an Athlete.


Okay, But why shall we read you?

Well you have read this so far, it seems you do like me. Right?


Sound’s good, But what is your domain?

Everything and anything… For you by me!


Are trying to tell me there is no theme?

Of course there is a theme!


And all that matters along with the hidden shit.

Sounds good?? Yeah.


So be in touch.

O wait WAIT!  Before you leave; Look down…





(if you are reading do leave me a comment and follow so I get to know you) .




(Shamelessly copied from Gossip Girls.)



75 thoughts on “Knock Knock Whose there…???

  1. This is a nice post! Also, I love the background image. Well done! Definitely following. Hopefully you’ll find my blog good enough to give it a look and perhaps follow it someday too. 🙂


  2. Hello Engineer+Athlete. I loved reading the above. You’ve got some writing style 😉
    People call me Savio and I blog at ‘theextraaamile’, do check the link when time permits.
    I’m sure a blog as pretty as yours deserves a better theme…what say? Something brighter maybe? Totally your call tho’.
    What does this world call you?
    Too long a comment I guess..I’ll stop now 🙂 A wonderful day, stay blessed 🙂


    1. Probably a beautiful comment.
      For sure I will loo forward to change my theme, thank you for the suggestion 😊
      Suggest me any if possible.
      I just saw your blog. And I should your no less. 😊😉


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