The secret wish list by Preeti Shenoy

Author    : Preeti Shenoy Pages       : 270 Rating      :  3.5/5 Audience : 12+ What made me choose this one (from the never ending list of books)? "Does true love really exist or is it just a cliche? Can a single kiss really change your life?" This phrase did. The book revolves around Diksha, … Continue reading The secret wish list by Preeti Shenoy



Oh! good, I have your attention now! Let me ask you a question, Love cupcakes? I do too <3. The love for them actually aroused when I was fortunate enough to try them out. And trust me, since then I have not been able to stop eating them(Following my diet is no longer the priority). … Continue reading Cupcakes!

Shark Tales, Barbara Corcoran

Found a book that made you stick to it till the end? NO, this is the one. YES, this is another one! At least it was for me, I stuck to it like a glue, literally. Author    : Barbara Corcoran With        :  Bruce Littlefield Pages       : 320 pages Rating      : 4/5 (great read!) Audience … Continue reading Shark Tales, Barbara Corcoran

Top 5 ways to memorize french vocabulary: Tried and Tested

Have you spent hours trying to learn new vocabulary, just to realize that they have already slipped off from your memory? These 5 tips will help you memorize the vocabulary fast and efficiently. You will never learn new words the same way again!! Make Flash Cards Flash cards can be made by writing french vocabulary … Continue reading Top 5 ways to memorize french vocabulary: Tried and Tested